The Modern Community is a space for us to talk about health, fertility, careers, and more. You can get your questions answered by fertility experts, meet others who are thinking about similar topics, and get connected to resources you need. All people with ovaries are welcome (including trans and non-binary folks!)

What is the Modern Community?

Modern Community is a space for anyone with ovaries to get real about health, careers, planning out our futures, and what it’s like to live in the world today — the good, the bad, and the let’s-talk-this-out. We share articles, we ask for advice, and we dive into research (and nerd out on data) on women’s health and women in business. 

We’ve got a private Slack channel where there are people like you who are wondering the same things about how to fit meaningful life decisions into an already packed schedule. Apply here to join Modern Community, and read on for some more info on what our community is (and what it isn’t).

If you’re interested in impacting the future of women’s health (or if you just love sharing links about women in the world), we want you.

Where is the Modern Community hosted?

We hang out in our own Slack channel that’s accessible virtually, so no matter where in the US you live, you can be a part of it. After you apply to join, we’ll review your application and send you all the info you need to join the community. We can’t wait to meet you — apply here!

Since launching Modern Fertility, we’ve been blown away by the ways community members use their results to make important decisions about their lives, their careers, and their futures. We heard that you wanted more information and opportunities to connect with other people who are thinking through these important topics, so we created a space for that to happen. 

The Modern Community is where you can get the information you need and have conversations about anything that’s on your mind. 

Why do people join the Modern Community?

Our Modern community is open to all womxn and people with ovaries. We review every application closely and are looking for people who are passionate about health, careers, and planning for life. As a member of the Modern Community, you’ll get:

What do you get when you join?


Ask questions, get (or give) answers, and start conversations. We are here to chat about our modern lives. We focus on health, careers, planning out our futures, and everything in between.


Think of the best networking event or dinner party you’ve been to recently — one where you left buzzing about the people you met and the conversations you had. Just like that, the Modern Community is here to connect you with amazing, inspiring people from across the country (and the Modern team). We’ll also have experts in health, business, and more drop in from time to time to share their wisdom.


Want to have a say in the future of fertility? Your feedback, ideas, and insight will directly inform the product roadmap of Modern Fertility — and the cutting-edge research we’re pushing forward.

We have events, resources, and goodies that are exclusively for our community members.

Exclusive Access

How do I join the Modern Community?

You can apply to join our community here. A member of our team will review your application and get back to you.

Modern Community Guidelines

Like any community, we have some thoughts on what makes this space work. We’ve kept our community guidelines short and sweet, but we take them (very!) seriously.

  • We're kind. The internet can be a tough place — but this isn't one of those spaces. Don't post or comment anything that could be construed as unkind, trolling, or bullying.

  • We’re in it for information. Anything that could be construed as “spammy” or “promotional” will be removed. We’re in this conversation for insights, not ads. Absolutely no solicitations.

  • We assume good intentions. We treat others how we’d want to be treated and always strive to assume the best of our fellow Modern Community members. We’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt, but we reserve the right to remove any content or members for violating our guidelines.

In order to keep the community a safe space, content in the community is to remain confidential and cannot be used in any external channels, materials or media, unless otherwise specified by Modern Fertility.

One final thing: Have a question around your account, a missing email, or a package that got lost in the mail? We want to make sure you get answers. Instead of posting your Q in the Modern Community, email our team at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Have more questions about what’s appropriate for the community? Feel free to shoot a message to Reina, Modern’s Head of Community, in Slack.

Okay, enough reading. Apply to join us here and be a part of the Modern family we’re building together.